Turns out the top dog in the house actually is the dog, at least according to this survey. 

A survey by Merrick Pet Care and Harris Poll of 1,000 dog owners (or dog moms and dads, if you will) revealed how much we truly love our dogs.

Merrick found that almost seven out of 10 pet owners named their pet as their favorite member of the household. This didn't change for moms and dads of actual humans. Sorry kids, your parents really do love the dog more — 61% of parents with children under 18 and pets still agreed that the dog was their favorite in the house. 

The survey also found that we'll go to great lengths for our furry friends. Six out of 10 of dog owners age 18-34 say they make plans around their dog's schedule, and a majority of dog owners in that age range — 55% — think that their dog eats better food than they do. 

Even big purchases have to be run by the dog sometimes. A quarter of owners reported buying a car or house with their pet in mind. Even if your dog can't voice his opinion, apparently it still matters. 

Try to remind your dog how good he has it when you get home today. But also give him a good pat, because you still love him.