Another full roster effort propels No. 1 Langdon/Edmore/Munich to another blowout win

Jack Williams
Devils Lake Journal
Senior running back Grant Romfo edges past a Westhope/Newburg/Glenburn in a game against the Sioux on Sept. 25 at Langdon Area High School. The Cardinals won 47-12

The Cardinals scored their least amount of points this season Friday night, and they won by 35. Even after fumbling and turning over the ball on its first drive, the Cardinals looked flawless.  

For the fourth straight season, No. 1 Langdon/Edmore/Munich (6-0, 4-0 Region 2A) is steamrolling through its schedule. Coming into Friday night's game, the Cardinals had bested their opponents by an average margin of 46 points and have scored more than 45 points in every matchup this season. Friday's matchup was no different as the Cardinals ousted Westhope/Newburg/Glenburn (4-2, 2-2 Region 2A) 47-12, a team that is in second place in Region 2A.

"We challenged the kids to play a little more tough and we came out upfront and set the tone," Cardinals head coach Josh Krivarchka said. "We were a little disappointed on how we play offensively at times, due to all the drops we had, but overall it was a good team effort for us."

Out the gate, the Cardinals were charged by the Romfo twins as all-state senior quarterback Simon Romfo would make the passes and his brother, senior running back Grant Romfo would make the runs. The duo would combine for four touchdowns, all in the first half, putting Langdon up big, 40-0, heading into the locker room. 

"They're two special athletes and they're really good out there, especially when you give them space," Krivarchka said. "For Simon, there's a reason why he's the best in the state at our level and Grant runs hard. We utilize them when we have to." 

The Romfo's performance was complimented with a grab for six from junior wide receiver Tucker Welsh for the first score of the game and another grab from sophomore running back Carter Tetrault in the early second quarter, both from Simon. 

The Romfo twins have terrorized defensive units from Langdon to the Fargodome and have played a key role in the Cardinals' success over the past four seasons. However, their time in the red and white is almost up, along with five other seniors, leaving L/E/M with one question: what's next? 

In lighting up the scoreboard early, the Cardinals have had the opportunity to pull their weapons out of the game, such as the Romfo twins, and start giving those expected to step up into those roles soon some playing. While L/E/M has proven to be a state powerhouse, 60 percent of its roster is made up of underclassmen. 

"We've put more of our roster out on the field in the second half throughout the season," Krivarchka said. "It's good for our younger guys to compete against varsity-level competition and they're getting to see the speed of the game which is good for them."

L/E/M's starters didn't make too many appearances on the field in the second half but saw the younger players take the gridiron and they made an impact very early in the second half. Freshman guard Mason Romfo would pick off a fumbling Sioux pass and take it in for six, which was followed by an exuberant celebration from his teammates. 

"The biggest thing is that we want to make sure we're setting the tone and making sure that those kids are playing at a high level too," Krivarchka said. "They're young and getting better." 

While the Cardinals' younger core did suffice 12 points, the unit did manage to force the Sioux to put some effort into the push at the line. While he is proud of the effort from his younger core, Krivarchka said he's not too focused on filling specific spots just yet. 

"It's a little hard to fill those positions right now because aspect because when you go forward, those kids will play in different positions in the future," Krivarchka said. "Right now we are just putting kids out there to go play football. I was just proud of the effort overall." 

As the Cardinals rumble on through the rest of their regular-season schedule, it may look like they are bulldozing their opponents, but the coaching staff has still found aspects of the game the team needs to improve in. Even L/E/M's fumble at the beginning of the game stands out like a sore thumb. 

"As a coaching staff, we can pick apart anything," Krivarchka said. "Tonight, it was pretty obvious, I didn't think we caught the ball really well, but we'll work on it. As long as our kids are getting better and playing hard every snap, I thought we played hard tonight." 

In playing everyone with a driven mentality to win and racking up the score, Krivarchka said his team is driven by the big games and they understand what they need to do to get there. Since the release of the first football poll of the season, L/E/M hasn't fallen from number one and continues to stand as a favorite for a three-peat.

As for the future, when the Romo twins aren't running in Langdon anymore, Krivarchka said he isn't worried about that right now. In fact, the team is just grateful that they have the chance to play. 

"You obviously think towards the future a lot, but the biggest thing is that we're living in the present and develop other kids in practice," Krivarchka said. "Especially during this COVID stuff, we're taking it day by day right now." 

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L/E/M players get hyped up before a game against Westhope/Newburg/Glenburn on Sept. 25 at Langdon Area High School. The Cardinals won 47-12

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No. 1 Langdon/Edmore/Munich - 47

Westhope/Newburg/Glenburn - 12 

Central Cass -30

Devils Lake - 0 

Cavalier - 56 

North Star - 20 


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