Hockey Highlights: Devils Lake (12/17)

John B. Crane
Devils Lake Journal

DEVILS LAKE – The “Friday Night Lights” held a similar meaning Friday evening as both Devils Lake hockey teams squared off underneath the rink lights against their respective opponents. Here is how each team fared.


Devils Lake vs. Fargo Davies

Final score: 11-0 Fargo Davies

Period-by-Period Breakdown:

-       4-5-2: 11

-       0-0-0: 0

Shots on Goal:

-       23-20-16: 59

-       03-02-02: 07


-       Fargo Davies:

    o   (F) Grant Matter (2)

    o   (F) Barron Stibbe (2)

    o   (F) Cam Bullinger (2)

    o   (F) Christian Kankelfritz (2)

    o   (F) Garrett Winjum (1)

    o   (F) Luke Lorenz (1)

    o   (F) Jackson Archbold (1)

-       Devils Lake:

    o   None

Penalty Infraction Minutes:

-       Fargo Davies: 2 (4:00)

-       Devils Lake: 7 (14:00)

At a glance:

Without their top point producer in Camden Schwab and go-to goaltender in Zach White, the Firebirds were already playing behind the eight-ball. Although the short-handed Firebirds were throttled from start to finish, the team mixed and matched different players together to compensate the depth discrepancy.

“As much as you miss the guys that are out, it does give some opportunity for other players to step up,” Devils Lake head coach Tate Aronson said after the game. “I think we learned a lot, and as much as the scoreboard didn’t show it, we did see some positive steps in the right direction.” 


Devils Lake @ Fargo North/Fargo South/Shanley

Final score: 19-1 Fargo North/Fargo South/Shanley

Period-by-Period Breakdown:

-       0-1-0: 1

-       3-8-8: 19

Shots on Goal:

-       0-5-1: 6

-       23-19-21: 63


-       Devils Lake:

    o (F) Ashlyn Abrahamson (1) 

-       Fargo North/Fargo South/Shanley:

    o (F) Leah Meyer (3)

    o (F) Rylee Bartz (5) 

    o (F) Olivia Kalbus (2) 

    o (D) Becca Mathison (1) 

    o (F) Sara Stich (1) 

    o (F) Julia Puhl (1) 

    o (F) Anna Nelson (1) 

    o (D) Allie Emineth (3) 

    o (F) Ainsley Ness (1)  

    o (F) Molly Hanson (1) 

Penalty Infraction Minutes (PIM):

-       Devils Lake: 2 (4:00) 

-       Fargo North/Fargo South/Shanley: 3 (6:00) 

At a glance:

The Firebirds allowed a season-high 19 goals Friday evening (their previous high was 18 against Minot on Dec. 3. With the loss, the Firebirds have now allowed double-digit goals in five of their seven games this season.