Hockey Highlights: Devils Lake (12/14)

John B. Crane
Devils Lake Journal

DEVILS LAKE – Both Firebird hockey teams took to the ice Tuesday evening. Here is how both teams fared in their matchup.


Devils Lake @ Grand Forks Central

Final score: 4-0 Grand Forks Central

Period-by-Period Breakdown:

-       1-3-0: 4

-       0-0-0: 0

Shots on Goal:

    -       25-28-19: 72

    -       04-02-01: 07


-       Grand Forks Central:

    o   (F) Dominic Gerszewski (2) 

    o   (F) Cole Barta (1)

    o   (D) Kyle Fulton (1)

-       Devils Lake:

    o   None

Penalty Infraction Minutes:

    -       Devils Lake: 8 (28:00)

    -       Grand Forks Central: 1 (2:00)

At a glance:

The Firebirds have now dropped four of their last five games, dating back to Nov. 30 (5-1 loss to Grafton-Park River). The shutout is additionally their first on the year. The Firebirds will look to turn their fortunes around on Dec. 17 when they battle Fargo Davies.


Devils Lake @ Fargo Davies

Final score: 11-0 Fargo Davies

Period-by-Period Breakdown:

    -       5-3-3: 11

    -       0-0-0: 0

Shots on Goal:

    -       27-16-13: 56

    -       04-02-03: 09


-       Fargo Davies:

    o   (F) Kylie Autrey (4)

    o   (F) Sandra Sampson (1)

    o   (F) Olivia Beaton (1)

    o   (F) Maia Jensen (1)

    o   (F) Morgan Sauvageau (1)

    o   (F) Sage Kracke (1)

    o   (F) Reganne Silbernagel (1)

    o   (D) Abby Voeller (1)

-       Devils Lake:

    o    None

Penalty Infraction Minutes (PIM):

    -       Devils Lake: 4 (8:00)

    -       Fargo Davies: 2 (4:00)

At a glance:

Although the box score suggested otherwise, the Firebirds gained valuable experience playing a tough Eagles team. The Firebirds will look to use this experience on Dec. 17 when they go up against Fargo North/Fargo South/Shanley on the road.

"That is a really good hockey team," Devils Lake head coach Rob McIvor said after the game. "I was pretty happy with our effort and the way we managed the game. Obviously, the shots were lopsided, and Mathea [Nelson], for her part...a lot of pucks hit her. She caught a lot of pucks. She made some saves she is not used to making sliding side-to-side. She has improved every game so far. She has improved that a little bit. That has to keep going, of course, and then our second-line wingers have to keep improving and our first-line wingers have to improve."