Three tips: what L/E/M BBB must do to succeed this season

John B. Crane
Devils Lake Journal

LANGDON – The Langdon/Edmore/Munich Cardinals Boys Basketball team knows a thing or two about program success. 

Even the most consistent programs go through changes, and the Cardinals are no different as Tanner Groth goes into his first season as head coach. Here are three tips for the team as they trek through their 2021-22 season. 

The Langdon/Edmore/Munich Cardinals pose for a photo.

1. Maintain tradition 

Langdon/Edmore/Munich basketball fans certainly remember this, but for the more casual fans out there, here is a fact to digest: the Cardinals won only one game seven seasons ago (they went 1-20 during the 2014-15 season). 

Since then, the Cardinals have averaged 15 wins per season and have cracked the 20-win mark twice (2017-18 and 2020-21). 

A 5-0 spotless record in district play (not to mention a runner-up finish in Region 4 play) during the 2020-21 campaign characterized Langdon/Edmore/Munich almost to a tee. They started from the bottom, and now, they are thriving. Winning breeds culture, and culture creates tradition. The Cardinal tradition, you might ask? Work hard. Should you do so, you will reap the benefits down the road. 

Although the Cardinals go into their 2021-22 season with a new head coach at the helm, this tradition must remain firm in its foundations. 

“This is my first year as head coach, and my sixth year in the program now, so being here, I can see they are very proud of tradition and what they have built over the years,” Langdon/Edmore/Munich head coach Tanner Groth said. “They have worked from basically a struggling program to put themselves at the top of the ranks.” 

2. Read what the opponent gives you

The Cardinals might lack the firepower other teams might possess. However, this does not put the Cardinals in too deep of a hole. That is, as long as they continue to develop their basketball IQ to the point where they take advantage of what the opponent throws at them. 

Whether it be a mistake or faulty play, the Cardinals will need to understand what the opposition gives them. Getting a good read of the court and game situation, in turn, will help quell some of the scoring issues the Cardinals might have. 

“We lost some pieces last year, and we are not as gifted offensively,” Groth said. “We are a little younger, so we will probably be more read-and-react and do a little more offensive sets instead of free-flowing, doing what you need to do at times. Defensively, it is going to have to be locked in man-to-man defense, realistically.” 

To Groth, staying locked in from start to finish will only establish more momentum in his team’s favor. 

“I think it sets the tone for us,” Groth said. “Going forward, if we can be physical with the team and disciplined with the other teams, I think it sets the tone for us and translates into hopefully some easy offensive buckets for us.” 

3. Find a go-to scorer

The Tucker Welsh, Carter Tetrault, Marcus Kingzett and Rayce Worley quartet brings a steady staple in balance, ball-handling, rebounding and defending. Scoring, however, has not been their forte. Kingzett leads the four in terms of points per game (PPG) from a year ago (he averaged 5.0 PPG during the 2020-21 season). 

The overall balance might be there for the Cardinals. Should they wish to make it count, they will need to find a consistent scoring option they can count on to drive and make those significant strengths show out even more. 

No one said it would be easy. The Cardinals, however, will need to take the challenge head-on and find a solution to it should they wish to contend with the deeper offensive programs out there.