Hockey Highlights: Devils Lake (11/30)

John B. Crane
Devils Lake Journal

DEVILS LAKE – The grin of the ice hockey season is starting to show its shadow, and while the hockey season is barely two weeks old, both Devils Lake Firebird hockey teams will look to take the grind to hard and prepare for the road (or rinks) ahead. Here is how each team fared in their most recent matchup on Nov. 30.


Devils Lake @ Grafton/Park River  

Final score: 5-1 Grafton/Park River

Period-by-Period Breakdown: will be updated when available

Shots on Goal: will be updated when available

Penalty Infraction Minutes: will be updated when available

At a glance:


Devils Lake @ Grand Forks

Final score: 9-3 Grand Forks

Period-by-Period Breakdown:

    -       1-1-1: 3 (DL)

    -       4-2-3: 9 (GF)

Shots on Goal:

    -       05-08-07: 20 (DL)

    -       08-13-09: 30 (GF)


    -       Devils Lake:

            o   (F) Ashlyn Abrahamson (3)

    -       Grand Forks:

            o   (F) Emma Gray (2)

            o   (F) Emily Becker (3)

            o   (F) Annika Presteng (2)

            o   (D) Quinn Fournier (1)

            o   (D) Alivia Helgeson (1)

Penalty Infraction Minutes (PIM):

    -       3 (6:00) (DL)

    -       4 (8:00) (GF)

At a glance:

The good news for Devils Lake – sophomore forward Ashlynn Abrahamson tallied her first hat trick of the season in only the second game of the campaign. The bad news for Devils Lake – the Firebirds were still outscored by a 3:1 ratio, were forced to cycle forwards into the defending position and had a slew of skaters gassed midway through the game. The Firebirds will continue to look for that elusive first win against Williston at Burdick Arena on Dec. 4.