Wrestling Roundup: Devils Lake (Minot Early Bird)

John B. Crane
Devils Lake Journal

DEVILS LAKE – The Firebirds officially kicked off their 2021-22 wrestling campaign with a bout in the 2021 Minot Early Bird Tournament. Seven Devils Lake Varsity wrestlers placed during the tournament. Here is how each of those wrestlers fared, broken up by weight class.


Jenna Gerhardt: 1st Place

-       Round 1: Jenna Gerhardt (Devils Lake) over Maddox Campbell (Velva) (MD 13-4)

-       Round 2:  Jenna Gerhardt (Devils Lake) over Kellan Larson (Williston) (Dec 5-3)

-       Round 3: Jenna Gerhardt (Devils Lake) over Pitch Hager (Velva) (Dec 6-5)


Tucker Bennett: 2nd Place

-      Round 1: Cayden Folsom (Williston) over Tucker Bennett (Devils Lake) (Fall 1:22)

-      Round 3: Tucker Bennett (Devils Lake) over Riley Weeks (Bishop Ryan) (Fall 1:58)


Owen Lindstrom: 2nd Place

-       Round 1:  Owen Lindstrom (Devils Lake) over Aaron Morris (Williston) (Fall 0:56)

-       Round 2:  Owen Lindstrom (Devils Lake) over Ray Trottier (Turtle Mountain) (Fall         0:52)

-       Round 4: Owen Lindstrom (Devils Lake) over Jackson Lematta (Harvey-Wells         County) (Inj. [time])

-       Round 5: Trace Hoggarth (Carrington) over Owen Lindstrom (Devils Lake)         (Dec 15-12)


Colton Young: 3rd Place

-       Quarterfinals: Colton Young (Devils Lake) over Bryson Smith (Bishop Ryan)         (Fall 0:39)

-       Semifinals: Brecken Lura (Carrington) over Colton Young (Devils Lake) (Fall 1:49)

-       Cons. Semis: Colton Young (Devils Lake) over Gunner Rakness         (Deslacs- Burlington) (Fall 1:04)

-       3rd Place Match: Colton Young (Devils Lake) over Anthony Carulli (Minot)         (Fall 3:50)


James Charboneau: 2nd Place:

-       Quarterfinals: James Charboneau (Devils Lake) over Lucas Seibuhr (Velva)         (Fall 2:27)

-       Semifinals: James Charboneau (Devils Lake) over Logan Weninger (Carrington)         (Dec 8-1)

-       1st Place Match: Cutter Jones (Williston) over James Charboneau (Devils Lake)         (Fall 4:23)


Braxton Rance: 2nd Place

-       Round 2 - Jonathon Lura (Carrington) over Braxton Rance (Devils Lake) (Dec 2-0)

-       Round 3 - Braxton Rance (Devils Lake) over Kelson Mascol (Velva) (Fall 0:50)

-       Round 4 - Braxton Rance (Devils Lake) over Dante Novembre (Williston)                         (Fall 5:27)

-       Round 5 - Leyton Brunelle (Williams County) over Braxton Rance (Devils Lake)         (Fall 0:40)


David Campbell: 3rd Place

-       Round 1: Keaton Brunelle (Williams County) over David Campbell (Devils Lake)         (Fall 2:32)

-       Round 3: Landon Riley (Williston) over David Campbell (Devils Lake) (Fall 1:23)