Scoreboard Recap: Volleyball (9/17-9/19)

John B. Crane
Devils Lake Journal

DEVILS LAKE – A couple matches occurred over the weekend during tournament action for a handful of teams. Here is how each team did this past weekend. 

Mon-Dak Volleyball: 

Lake Region State vs. Casper (9/17)

Final score: 3-0 Casper

Set 1: 25-19

Set 2: 25-7

Set 3: 25-18

Lake Region State vs. Central Wyoming (9/17) 

Final score: 3-0 Central Wyoming

Set 1: 25-13

Set 2: 25-17 

Set 3: 25-15

Lake Region State vs. McCook (9/18) 

Final score: 3-0 McCook

Set 1: 25-13

Set 2: 25-18

Set 3: 25-20

Lake Region State vs. Western Wyoming (9/18)

Final score: 3-0 Western Wyoming

With the sweep against Western Wyoming, Lake Region State got swept in four straight matches during their weekend of volleyball action. Lake Region State will next take on North Dakota State College of Science on Sep. 22. 

B Volleyball - Region 4: 

Langdon/Edmore/Munich vs. Central Cass (9/18): 

Final score: 3-2 Langdon/Edmore/Munich

Set 1: 25-23 Central Cass 

Set 2: 25-21 Langdon/Edmore/Munich

Set 3: 25-20 Langdon/Edmore/Munich 

Set 4: 25-18 Central Cass 

Set 5: 15-12 Langdon/Edmore/Munich

After the Valley City Tournament was canceled, Langdon/Edmore/Munich instead decided to take part in a triangular matchup with Central Cass and Carrington over the weekend.

Have a match, Morgan Freije. The senior middle hitter did more than just produce. She dominated. Over the course of the match, Freije compiled 34 kills. No, this is not a typo. This total during a single match is tied for second-highest in Langdon/Edmore/Munich history. Talk about putting on a show. And this is without evening mentioning Jalynn Swanson, who amassed 40 assists and 12 digs. 

Langdon/Edmore/Munich vs. Carrington (9/18) 

Final score: 4-1 Langdon/Edmore/Munich 

Set 1: 25-23 Carrington

Set 2: 25-23 Langdon/Edmore/Munich

Set 3: 25-13 Langdon/Edmore/Munich

Set 4: 25-20 Langdon/Edmore/Munich 

Freije only collected 20 kills during this match. Even still, Langdon/Edmore/Munich proved one thing over the weekend bout: this team can not only dominate, but claw their way back into matches, too. Not lead is safe when you play the Cardinals, even if you find yourself up 1-0 against them, like Central Cass and Carrington did. Langdon/Edmore/Munich will next play Benson County on Sep. 21.