Rugby Panthers 2021 Varsity Football Schedule

K. William Boyer
Devils Lake Journal

Date                 Opponent                 Location                     Time 

 August 20      South Prairie             South Prairie             7 pm

 August 26     South Prairie                 Rugby                     4:30 pm 

August 27     Bishop Ryan                 Rugby                     7pm

September 2 Harvey/Wells County     Harvey                 7pm                  

September 3 Stanley                         Stanley                 7pm

September 9 Stanley                          Stanley                 4:30pm

 September 10  Des Lacs                  Rugby                 7pm

September 16  Des Lacs                 Rugby                    4:30 pm 

September 17   Velva                      Velva                     7pm

September 23  Velva                     Velva                        5:30pm

September  24 Westhope             Rugby                     7pm

September 30 Westhope              Rugby                    5pm

October 1       Nedrose                 Nedrose                 7pm

 October 7    Nedrose                 Nedrose                    5pm

October 8    New Town             Rugby                         7pm

Editor's note: for JV schedules, please visit the school's website and support this great school's JV team