Larks fan win $20K

Staff Feature

BISMARK - On July third, with two outs in the bottom of the first inning, the Larks loaded the bases. Then Jaxon Rosencranz did something many fans have never seen before. He stole home. For one fan, it meant a lot more than the Larks going up 2-0.

Bismarck resident, Ryan Repnow, won $20,000 on the play.

As part of a promotional effort for the team. a lucky fan walked away with $20,000 during the July 3 game.

It was a part of the “Steal Home” promotion with the Larks and Knutson Realty. Fans went to a Knutson Realty open house during the Parade of Homes to be entered to win Larks tickets. If the Larks stole home on the night of their tickets, they win $20,000 to go towards a new home or plot of land in, Elk Ridge, Whispering Ridge at Hawktree, The Ridge at Hawktree or Whispering Bay.

“It was kind of a shock right away,” Repnow said. “First inning, no big deal we might sit here the whole game and it might not happen. My wife smacked me on the arm, and we were like ‘oh my gosh it just happened!’ Hats off to Jaxon for making it all the way through, that's awesome.”

It was third base coach Joey Cooper’s decision to send Rosencranz home. "With the promotion, the 20 grand, we've been looking for it all summer,” Cooper said. “We saw a pitcher who was pretty slow to the plate in his windup, and we were able to get it done out there. We talk to our guys about stealing out 90 feet chunks, whether it's stealing second or third. If you can take home, it just means you can score an extra run. We will look for those opportunities if they're going to be given to us."

“We just saw an advantage and we took it,” Rosencranz said. “That was the first time I've ever stolen home.”

“I want to give a huge congrats to the lucky fan,” said Cam Knutson, owner of Knutson Realty. “There are a ton of options across Bismarck he’ll get to choose from, and we look forward to working with him.”

The promotion isn’t over. For a chance to be the next $20,000 winner, you need to attend the Larks’ Park Party at Elk Ridge Park July 11 from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. The event has ice cream, inflatables, booths, puppies and other animals to play with. Everything at the event is free thanks to Knutson Realty.

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