Bucks change schedule amid Louisville Xtreme’s ousting

Devils Lake Newsroom Report

BISMARCK, ND – The Indoor Football League Board of Directors announced Monday their decision to terminate the membership of the Louisville Xtreme for failure to meet and maintain league obligations. Todd Tryon, IFL Commissioner stated, ‘As the league continues to generate positive momentum for long-term success, it is imperative that we maintain the high standards we have set.’ 

The decision by the Board was not taken lightly and we support the choice to remain true to the high standards the league has set. In order to keep an even playing field, the remaining 11 teams will face schedule adjustments. 

The Bucks August 13th home game against the Sioux Falls Storm will be removed from the schedule and the Storm will now face Iowa in their Week 17 Matchup. Though we are saddened to forego a home game we understand that it is for the greater good of the league and will ensure equal opportunity heading into Playoffs. 

Fan Appreciation Night, originally slated for the August 13th game, will merge with our First Responders Night, Friday, July 30th. This will enhance the opportunities for Fan Fun and Sponsors alike as we look to pack the house with double the experience for our final regular season home game. 

This adjustment means there are ONLY 2 HOME GAMES left in the regular season for the Bismarck Bucks. Don’t miss your chance to catch your Bucks as they look to clinch their first playoff appearance in the IFL

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