Gutschmidt hits hole-in-one at Creel Bay Golf Course

Sam Herder
Mark Gutschmidt reaches in the cup to grab his hole-in-one ball at the Creel Bay Golf Course as his friend Jordan Snyder celebrates.

By Sam Herder

Journal Sports

For only his second time golfing at the Creel Bay Golf Course near Devils Lake this summer, Mark Gutschmidt left his, well, mark.

On the 17th hole, a par 3, Gutschmidt hit what he thought was a pretty good drive. His two buddies, Jordan Snyder and Jordan Van De Voort, then saw it go from pretty good to perfect as the ball rolled in for a hole-in-one.

“All three of us sprinted up there,” Gutschmidt said. “My two buddies said they saw it roll in and I just saw it off the club, it had a good arc. After we all dead sprinted to the hole and looked in the cup, and I saw my ball in there and it was a Callaway I shot with, I knew it was in.”

The shot happened Friday night. After playing the course often last summer, it was only Gutschmidt’s second time out there this year.

And to add to the storyline, it wasn’t even off his own club. Gutschmidt used a friend’s 50-degree club to hit the hole-in-one.

“It just had a divot about four feet in front and it just rolled right in,” Gutschmidt said. “After my buddies ran out there and saw it my heart started pounding. It was awesome.”

“I just threw my hands in the air and starting screaming with my buddies honestly,” he added. “I was so pumped, and I’m sure everyone on the course heard us.”

Gutschmidt said he finished with a 5 or 6-over-par, but not after making sure he soaked in the moment with his friends.

“It was great they got to witness it,” Gutschmidt said. “If it would have been by myself, it wouldn’t have been nearly as cool."