Skating season arrives on scene

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal

By Harry Lipsiea

Journal Sports

As the winter approaches, it can be a busy time for families in the Lake Region. With all type of different sports and activities going on. At times, it can be tough to enjoy family time.

Laurie Johnson-Krueger notes that figure skating is a way that the family can enjoy an activity and be together at the same time. Along with her husband Dan Krueger, the married couple are in their second year at the reins of the Lake Region Figure Skating Club. They hope to see the club continue to grow along with the area's interest in skating.

"It's a unique program, because we provide the opportunity for the whole family to come out enjoy each other and the ice," she told the Journal.

There are a number of different options available through the club. Each Wednesday night and Sunday afternoon, family skating is held as a large group of individuals of all ages take the ice. During this time, there are also skating lessons offered.

The Lake Region Figure Skating Club also has competitive figure skating and synchronized skating teams that travel to events throughout the state.

There is also a hockey track program available for hockey players interested in improving their skating skills.

"It's fun to see the improvement," Johnson-Krueger pointed out. "Once an athlete passes a certain level they receive a badge and then advance in their training."

So far, it's been a fun start. Johnson-Krueger, a four-time national pairs figure skating champion and coach for 32 years, and Krueger, who has been coaching for 18 years, have tremendously enjoyed the area.

"We absolutely love it," she stated. "The people here are just fantastic. We can't imagine being anywhere else."

So far, the club has grown a bit in the last two years. There is, however, plenty of ice available as the club is always looking for new families.

"We love having new families join and see what we are all about," Johnson-Krueger stated.

In addition, to the open skating, lessons and competitions, the Lake Region Figure Skating Club will host its holiday exhibition Dec. 14 and the 60th annual ice show March 20-22nd.

"We're looking forward to a terrific season," she said. “We are just excited to be around such amazing people.”