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2020, as most of us would agree, has been a year like any other. There are a lot of unexpected things happening and all we can really do is adjust to the world around us. Here at the Devils Lake Journal, we've learned to expect the unexpected. 

In coming into the job in late August, just coming from a two month fellowship in Phoenix, I wasn't expecting to make much movement in my position at all as a sports and general assignment reporter. However, with Louise's retirement, who by the way deserves a break after working here for so long, and the arrival a new editor, a two month void is left where I'll be stepping in as the interim editor of the Journal.

You might be thinking, "what does the sports guy know about covering news?" I may have a lot of experience in sports, but I've spent a lot of time covering stories involving the way things move and the issues affecting the communities I've lived in. During my time at Ball State, I spent time on projects covering the economic divide in Muncie, CBD usage in Indiana and the struggle of the mall to stay open. In addition, I've also managed the sports section of the student newspaper for two years.

Two summers ago, I was a few hours south in Sioux Falls working for Argus Leader as an intern. In my time there, I covered topics ranging from professional wrestling to community events to crime. I had great coaching over at Argus Leader, which has very much prepared me to step into this position for the time being. I may be young, but I've had a lot of long days and nights that have prepared me to step into this role. 

At the same time, like anyone who claims they have something under control, I still need help from you: Devils Lake. I'm still learning about how the way life flows in Devils Lake and would love to hear your ideas for stories, columns and letters to the editor. If you have any experience writing, feel free to reach out and possibly be apart of building our newspaper. With Louise now retired, our editorial department is now only down to one person. 

If you have any story tips, ideas or comments, please email me at To our columnists, I still want to make sure we are publishing all your work, so please send your columns to the email listed above. 

To wrap this up, I'm excited to continue to serve you all in a larger role for the next few months, along with providing sports coverage for all the area teams. Now let's get to work. 

Jack Williams covers Lake Region sports and general news for The Devils Lake Journal. Contact him via email at, on Twitter @jackgwilliams, or phone at 701-662-2127

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