Letter to the editor: How much is too much???

Devils Lake Journal

Dear Editor,

I’ve recently seen several articles about Gov. Doug Burgum and the amount of money he has been spending on political campaigns across the state of ND. It had me wondering how much money our own district 15 officials have received. Candidate contributions are made available to the public at  https://cf.sos.nd.gov/search/cfsearch.aspx 

This search led to even more questions. Why is the ND Senate Republican Caucus backing a non-GOP endorsed candidate? Are these funds actively working against the voice of the people across the state? Do these large quantities of money come at a price? Is it assumed that if the candidates keep voting the same way, ways that benefit their contributors, that they will provide the funds just to maintain a seat that benefits them? Is this legal? Absolutely, it is. Is it right? Debatable.

Many of these funds come from outside sources that do not have our district’s best interest at heart. I don’t believe that out-of-state business sectors are “investing” money in candidates because they want to better the lives of North Dakotans. I’ll also argue that PACs in Bismarck do not know our community and its needs, however I am certain they know their own agendas well enough.

Have these contributions gone too far in influencing votes, when there are candidates’ receiving up to 5 times more than they had in previous elections? It concerns me and I hope it concerns your readers too. I hope they take that concern to the polls on June 14, to vote for candidates who represent them and their values.

Breanna DeMarais, Devils Lake 

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