Guest Opinion: trust-busting days of Teddy Roosevelt

Doug Goehring
Guest Columnist

Bully, bully!

We may need to go back to the trust-busting days of Teddy Roosevelt.

When large companies such as Sanford, Walmart, Delta and CVS, just to

name a few, start dictating employees’ healthcare choices by imposing

vaccinations, that is the day we need to bust up organizations that are

so large that they believe they can govern the morality, values and

healthcare choices for their employees.

We were warned by our founding fathers. Thomas Jefferson once said, “I

prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” Benjamin Franklin

stated, “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a

little security will deserve neither and lose both.” I am concerned

about what is happening to us as a society, when we allow

businesses/corporations to dictate to their employees “get vaccinated or

lose your job.” What happens if you’re overweight or your looks and body

image don’t reflect the company’s brand? Do they tell you to lose

weight, get a facelift or grow taller? No, those lawsuits already

happened, and they lost.

When do my rights as an individual and citizen of the United States stop

because I work for a certain employer? When businesses behave in this

manner, that’s the only time that I believe government should intervene.

What possesses a CEO or Board of Directors to determine what they

believe is proper for me/us? What arrogance…what hypocrisy! No

corporation would question one’s race, sexual orientation or gender, but

they dismiss one’s choice or their objection to taking a vaccination

whether they believe it works or not. It’s their choice!

We may have to ask ourselves when did I lose my rights as an individual

or as a citizen? When did the Constitution and the Bill of Rights become


This country has dealt with polio, tuberculosis, influenza, etc. and we

never behaved like this. We never demanded that others are responsible

for our health, wellbeing and safety. There are people walking the

streets in this state and many other states with tuberculosis, a

debilitating and degenerative disease. Try to force them to mask up or

go through forced vaccinations.

What happened to personal responsibility and choice, let alone freedom?

This twisted and morbid behavior by businesses goes unchecked and

unregulated as our liberties and freedom as Americans deteriorates.

There is part two though!  We now have a government that feels they can

mandate vaccinations! This is the same government that states you have

the right to choose your partner, your gender, and can choose to have an

abortion…this is no longer about choice as much as it is about pushing

an agenda. An administration that believes they can tell me what’s

morally, ethically and physically best for me is hypocrisy at its worst.

Shame on this administration and Washington for allowing this behavior

to go unchecked.