Ethnic Neutrality VS Diversity

Faye Harris
Local Columnist

Ethnic neutrality...t’ain’t never gonna happen! The entire idea of one race being better than the other was created by us mere mortals...and without the acceptance of the One who got this whole ball (earth) rolling. Now it’s up to us humans to correct our own mistake.

In the early 80’s Reader’s Digest had an article that explained that many ‘experiments’ had been run...and it was discovered that ALL THINGS are made up of the same basic material...dirt. Evidently it’s just the organization that makes a human a human, a tree a tree, a giraffe a giraffe.

In other words...Billy Graham and Hitler both had the same ‘start.’ Let’s face it... we all had the same basic beginning. We were conceived by our mother contributing the egg and our father throwing literally hundreds of sperm at this little speck. (This is an important thing to note: Somehow one sperm was selected to get life started. I believe this was the beginning given to each of us as we were personally chosen as the only one who could contribute our specific part to human existence...that both Graham and Hitler had the same options we have today.)

The problems began because too many of us are like Cain and Able, the distant relatives of all of us. They couldn’t get along. When ‘free will’ was given to us (early in the growing of the ‘family tree’) our Creator also offered options. Jealousy and hatred took seed from the same tree that offered ‘love.’ I guess the Creator of all is like our physical parents...remember how they’d give us a choice...like, “Clean your room or you’ll be grounded”...and we’d only half do the job by stuffing everything under the bed. Out of sight, out of mind...but the negative hadn’t really been taken care of. We just hoped our failing to complete the job wouldn’t be discovered.

Our Creator is like that parent. He offers solutions to the negative, “Love your neighbor as you want to be loved” or suffer the consequences. So what’s the solution to everyone being treated equally? Again...t’ain’t gonna happen. There are too many variables. The biggest one is that it’s a human problem...created by US and there are so many of us who believe ‘our side’/our belief is the correct one that many refuse to believe it’s only one of the problems put into our path to see what we’re really made of....

What it comes down to is...acceptance of and respect for the other person. We must begin to measure people on their own merits instead of their beliefs or skin color. Think of it like this, if you’re in an outer spacecraft...and it ran into trouble...it wouldn’t matter if your savior was purple. You’d pray for their help, their guidance, their solution to the problem of getting us ‘back home.’ Meanwhile others wouldn’t even be aware of our problem...they’d be too busy living...but you’d know and you’d be forever grateful!

We can’t go back and correct earlier problems. We have to solve the current one. The solution is a present day necessity. Either that or we’re going to forever...hate. And why waste our time on such negative, corrosive energy when we could, if we all accepted each other as being the result of what our Creator designed us to be, use that same energy to build something wonderful for the children and grandchildren we will be leaving behind when it’s time for our permanent retirement. Wouldn’t it be

better if each of our progeny could look to our example as one that....”dad and mom could always take care of anything!” And...that they would have great footsteps to follow in?

Diversity is really the name of the game. That’s how/why we were born at this specific time, in this specific place...this is where, how, and why we are here today. We are the ones chosen to solve this particular problem. It’s not going to be solved by taking Aunt Jemima off the package where she’s lived for as long as I can remember. It’s going to be resolved by of our acceptance of the wonderful idea that we are each busy doing what we were put on this earth to do.

Wouldn’t that be ‘heaven on earth?” Or are there some...who really don’t care about experiencing Heaven? I guess...heaven only knows!