Beat Goes On

Faye Harris

No one dies (as in ceasing to exist). We are each of us a part of the eternal circle. That means we are immortal...because without our participation eternity WOULD NOT be eternal. In fact, each of us was created to be an artisan for our Creator...the Creator of everything. And everyone knows all that is created has a bit of the creator in it.

Small people try to convince the rest of us that we aren’t as necessary as they are. THESE are the truly small people. Only great people encourage and support others to get busy and fulfill their purpose in life. After all...each of us has a distinct reason for this physical trek that our spirit has taken...it’s like Tennyson once said, “’Tis never too late to seek a newer world.”

THINK...don’t be afraid to dream. All inventions were first imagined.

Use others’ great qualities to ignite yours...but don’t imitate them exactly. Henry Ford built on the ideas of others. After all, if our Creator would have wanted many of the exact things...He could have used a cookie cutter. Why, even on an assembly line things are numbered as they come off. They aren’t exact replicas. Machines wear out.

Many people whose names we don’t know did great things. They may have fed the hungry or they may have invented the first wheel. Need or sacrificial acts often has moved human life forward. We were each created to anchor and fulfill a purpose...it’s like the first diaper. Evidently the leaves (or whatever was used) didn’t hold up or couldn’t be cleaned sufficiently for another use.

It is from a first year teacher (in the l940’s) that I learned the necessity of brushing my teeth. She supplied tooth brushes and took us all out behind the school with a pail of water...plus she encouraged reading by getting a traveling book mobile to visit our school.

It was from another first year teacher, Dan Eskin, that I learned the importance of exercise...

Again in the l940’s (when our school ‘consolidated) we had a wonderful school cook who made the best scalloped potatoes and ham, plus a salad of a variety of vegetables...that I learned about the importance of a balanced diet.

These were great people whose skills they taught have allowed me to reach my 80’s...in great physical condition...and whose example caused me to become a teacher and to pass on many of their traits. Many of my students are carrying on this tradition...and have become teachers, too. (Immortality...in these people is now living on eternally...)

Just think...our purpose in life may not be to establish a big name. Personally I don’t believe any learned skill is of less importance than another. If we were all doctors there’d be a shortage of too many necessary things.

This is why I believe eternity means there is NO starting place. To prove this, consider water. It rains and we use the water in a large variety of ways. We dispose of it...only to have nature recycle it for reuse.

Why, when I had my husband cremated...the water all evaporated from his body. Finally he lost some of the excess weight he carried. (I’ll bet his spirit gave a sigh of relief...success at last.)

He had a wonderful philosophy in life. He often said, “Life and death are just a couple chapters in the continuing serial that is each of our lives. It’s like a never ending TV show. The ‘beat’ will forever go on...and we’ll never know what’s next. Guess we’ll have to just stick around and find out.”

That’s a great philosophy...don’t you think?

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