Hodus Says: Memories

William Hodus
Local Columnist


Well, once upon a time I did not think this day would be here, already.  When Deb and I left the farm in 1997 we had no idea what we would do and where we would end up.  We moved to Fargo where Deb worked for a diabetes center and I worked for Cenex Harvest States.  One evening after many long hour days and looking over our financial status we decided to go back to school to finish our education which we started many, many years earlier.  Deb furthered her education with a LPN degree and a little later finishing her RN degree.  There were many long hard days of studying and writing but certainly proud of her accomplishments as she has established herself as a go to nurse for what ever comes up in the Hospital.  I finished my education in Ag Econ.  Still not sure what or where we would be we both moved on to different employment opportunities and with that also a came a move to Ransom County, Lisbon,  I became the Extension agent and Deb worked in Hospital.  We were there for a short two years when an opportunity came to move back home to Devils Lake.  Deb was all over that as we could be closer to our kids and families. Deb started at the Hospital as an ER nurse and later a Patient Care Manager, shifting to Infection Control office {ruing the covid pandemic] and now works full time in the ER.  She sure knows how to find a blood vein and is always willing to help others in time of need/questions.  She will continue to do what she does for another year or two.  I assumed the Ramsey County Extension office ANR agent.  I would have never thought after so many years of 4-H with the kids that I would one day be a part of this, only on the other side.  After a couple of years I decided that I needed a Masters degree I took classes on line and even though seemed like eternity soon would be done with classes. 

This will be my last column from our Ramsey County Extension office.  I will miss it a lot but there does come a time when new ideas and energy need to be instilled into a group of awesome people.  I have been blessed to have worked with many great people, communities and commissioners.  The three young ladies in the office presently are absolutely awesome people and they have continued to keep my but out of trouble.  Cindy, Sara, Trish and former Maren were always there to keep my back and even help with editing papers.  I will miss them a lot but again life goes on. 

I have two outlaw daughter-in-law’s and a son-in-law who have joined our family and 7 grandchildren that keep Grandma and Grandpa hoping.  There will not be a shortage of things to do.

Lastly, I need to finish with this, you have been an amazing community to work in and with.  You have all been very supportive and kind. I really hope you will be as supportive as the new agent that hoping will be here by Thanksgiving.  BUT remember this office will always have great people that can be called upon and will either help you with your needs or will know who to call for your help. 

Take Care and God Bless!!!  

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