Letter to the Editor: Devils Lake Speedway still going strong!

Devils Lake Journal

To the Editor:

As we embark on another race season we are extremely excited to continue to provide family friendly entertainment for our wonderful community. Recently we included ourselves in an email blast to our legislators that PRI had set up. To try to push for Grant Money for Racetracks and other live entertainment venues that have been excluded in all the stimulus money and grants announced thus far.

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Thankfully for us we had minimal interruption to our program in 2020 and didn't have much for issues when it came to capacity. We recognized we were the lucky ones. We are ever so thankful for that. We had a great season in 2020 and look forward to continuing that on in 2021. Unfortunately not everyone within our sanctioning body or in our state was so lucky. For which we felt compelled to join the movement to help these tracks. We feel some tracks are in a tough position and to help continue to grow our sport we have to help other tracks when possible.

We want to assure our community that everything is just fine in our neck of the woods and would like to extend an invitation to join us for some racing action this summer. We have many great events planned this upcoming season. For a full schedule of the 2021 season please feel free to check out our website for the full schedule in the coming weeks at www.dlspeedway.com.

We will see you at the Races

Nolan Olmstead and Heather MacDonald, Lakota ND

***Editor’s note***

According to the PRI Letter, many small businesses, including family owned and operated racetracks have been affected by lockdowns and capacity restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, experiencing revenue declines of 50% or more. Race track owners said ongoing attendance restrictions continue to threaten many racetracks and other entertainment venues in the area, which provide jobs and are integral to the commuities communities.

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