Letter to the editor: Two Empty Suits

Devils Lake Journal

To the editor:

The second impeachment trial is over.  We who have “eyes to see and ears to hear” know the truth. The man incited an assault on the U.S. Capitol, indeed, an assault on our democracy. Trump’s actions on January 6 were just the culmination of months of efforts to undermine our presidential election and overturn the will of the people.  It was his last dastardly, disgraceful, deed of office. Trump was not convicted as he so clearly deserved, but he will live in infamy.  It will have to do.

Two times the Republican Party and our two senators had a chance to convict Trump, but did not. They chose party loyalty over the truth.  Hoeven and Cramer dishonored their oath to “support and defend the Constitution… against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”  Anyone who is a veteran should be angry at their perfidy and retreat from their duty.

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Commentator Ed Schultz once labeled John Hoeven an “empty suit.”  Ed was right.  Unfortunately, ND has two empty suits in the Senate.  Across America Republican officials at the state level involved with the presidential election process did do their duty.  They refused to cave to Trump pressure and demonstrated integrity.  All Americans are indebted to them.  Would that we could say that about our two Senators!  They saw their duty and did not do it.  Ed was correct, except that we have not just one empty suit in the U.S. Senate but two.

Richard Budd, York, ND

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