Letter to the Editor:  Pipe Line to Fargo

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Letter to the Editor:  Pipe Line to Fargo       

To the Editor,                                                                  

I attended a meeting a few weeks ago and the water pipe line from Garrison to Fargo came up.  Now I have always thought the pipe line was going to take water from Garrison all the way to Fargo in a pipe so it would not get into the Sheyenne River and then go into the Red River and make our Canadian friends mad.  Well come to find out that is not true the pipe line is going to take the water from Garrison and dump it into Lake Ashtabula on the Sheyenne River so it will get into the Red River and could make our Canadian friends upset.

So my question is why are we spending so much money on this pipe line???  We do not need any pipe we can send the water over land through ditches that are almost complete from Garrison through Devils Lake into the Sheyenne River all the way to Fargo.  This idea could stabilize the water level of Devils Lake with an inlet and outlet and give Fargo even more access to a water supply. It would also give more irrigation to farm land.

The other thing I am wondering about is why the heck our County, City, Chamber of Commerce, Tourisms, Forward Devils Lake Development Corporation and everyone else in Devils Lake is not fighting to make this happen???  We should have been fighting for this from the first day we heard Fargo need a larger water supply.  Let’s get on this project like stink on crap because once they start laying pipe (which could be next spring) we are going to be up the river without a paddle, and our lake will not be stabilized. HOW MUCH MORE TOOURISM MONEY WOULD A STABILIZED DEVILS LAKE BRING TO TOWN? 

I know this idea has a lot of political hurtles to get over but I think if we get the right people working on this it could happen.

Thanks for reading and what would your ideas?

LARRY J. LIERE, Devils Lake

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