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K. William Boyer
Devils Lake Journal

“Minot parent disapproves of Devils Lake's games restrictions”

Recently, a Minot pinot wrote a letter into the Devils Lake Journal to voice his disappointment at not being able to see his child play hockey in person in Devils Lake when the COVID precautions prevented him from doing so.  We asked our readers  feedback on what they thought of his opinion of the school districts precautions that had been set in place at the time…See what readers thought!

Pat Roed said: “I think Devils Lake is doing everything possible to make sure players and spectators are safe. If Minot people want to ignore the safety precautions and thumb their noses up at what should be done to protect the children and family members in Minot go ahead. At least some of us care more for our families and friends than a sporting event. If you don't like it, stay home and watch on YouTube like a lot of us do.”

Bobbi Jo Church said: “Some of our kids here are just … finally getting back to school! Sports was already made a priority above education in that aspect. Good thing this person is from Minot and should just be worried about his community. Until all of our kids are in school full time for a period of time safely I think everyone owes it to the kids in our community to show a little caution! Sports players or not. Education is life for some of these kids and we need to keep them in school before lifting anymore restrictions.”

Ashley Jones said: Ok but who’s having 750 people show up to a peewee hockey game get real. That sounds like more of a minot thing. Clearly this person seems like someone who’s never lived in a small town before. Probably mad because devils lake has been doing well.

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“Devils Lake Public Schools updates sports spectator policy”

The School Board updated their Covid safety precautions on January 20 to include more spectators at games.  After our article was published online, we got reader feedback from our community, see what readers had to say about the district’s action:

Bobbi Jo Church said: “Now we just have to hope everyone can act like adults and follow the rules. Our kids will all finally be in school starting tomorrow. We all have a responsibility I’m not ruining that for them too.”

Jason Wagner said: “Thank you to the school board on their decision!!”

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