Letter to the Editor: Bring back liberty

Devils Lake Journal

To the Editor: 

It's a sad day for liberty when the creator of the Patriot Act can take the highest office in the nation. Bidens first acts as president reflect these views. 100 thousand plus troops stand at our nation's capital over the deaths of three people. We had less troops in the capital after the riots caused by MLKs death. this is the most amount of troops sent to the capital in a time of peace in history.

It reflects Our presidents love for security over liberty. We have entered the era of security liberty can not survive if the people of this country continue to value security over it. We are entering a time that if left unchecked we will begin to prosecute people based on what they might do; rather than what they have done. Don't believe this is possible? Did you know the troops sent to DC had to undergo a political background check? If you like our new Commander in chief claim to love liberty while you value security more than you are no friend of liberty at all. The scariest thing of all is that our new president has pledged to continue the war on terror. Only this time we aren't planning on taking the fight to the middle east we plan to fight it right here at home.

Do you realise that the definition of a terrorist has been changed every national defense budget since the creation of the Patriot Act. When it started only non us citizens could be subject to it now it applies to everyone. I see this as a rather slippery slope and something that can only destroy due process. How long before your a terrorist for the way that you vote? Again don't think it's possible? There are groups in this country trying to uncover people that voted for Trump and expose them.

To try and find where they live and work. In an attempt to ruin their lives. You see all we are doing is trying to fight an idea. something that I'd say is the most powerful force on earth. To fight it with physical means only gives those that believe it more confidence. We need to demand the restoration of due process why should a murder get these rights and not someone labeled a terrorist. In the end all we got back was the status quo.

Unless we start to stand up for the liberty of even the worst in society we ourselves will find our own liberties stripped. 

Alexander T. Huus Petersen, Valley City 

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