Letter to the editor: Minot parent disapproves of Devils Lake's games restrictions

Devils Lake Journal

Dear Editor, 

I am writing to express my extreme disappointment that I [was] allowed to attend the Devils Lake vs. Minot High Girl's Hockey game on Tuesday January 19th, due to the current Devils Lake Spectator Guidelines that were put into place on January 4th. While I can appreciate the steps many schools and facilities have taken during this current COVID-19 situation, I believe it is time to start making strides to get to the new normal. I very much disagree with your guidelines of not allowing visiting team spectators and feel it is time the Devils Lake Public Schools take the next step in reaching the new normalcy. 

Every facility is different and should be treated differently. If 750 spectators can attend a Pee Wee hockey game at the Quentin Burdick Sports Arena I would think at a minimum two spectators per team could attend a High School Girl's Hockey game in the exact same facility. For the Minot High Girl's Hockey team that would mean 38 spectators would be attending.

Justin Hammer, Minot High Girls Hockey Parent

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