Animal lovers support Uffda Fund

Louise Oleson, Editor
Uffda Fund helps find homes for homeless, abandoned and neglected pets in the Cando area.

We’ve all seen the commercials. A popular musician is singing a heart-wrenching song as on the television screen flash photos of kittens and puppies, older dogs and cats who have been injured, tortured, harmed in some way by those people who should love and cherish them. One after another it goes on to appeal for funds or adoptions for these pitiful animals.

Who can resist those big sad eyes?

For those who love animals of all kinds it’s difficult to hear that hundreds of animals like these cats, kittens, puppies and dogs are abandoned, neglected or mistreated every day.

Some people in Cando have taken a stand and formed a non-profit organization called the Uffda Fund to help. Uffda, by the way, was the name of an elderly tabby cat who lost its owner and ended up homeless and a resident of the Gibbens Veterinary Clinic, rural Cando.

The clinic has partnered with Sheila Rabe, Gloria Maurseth, Emma Koshney, Pat Papachek, Louise Blessum, Erich Rabe, Lois Ladwig and Sharon Roberts as well as many other individuals throughout the Cando area to form a “railroad” to find homes - temporary or forever homes - for unwanted, abandoned or lost pets.

There is a way that animal lovers can support the efforts of this “no kill” shelter known as Uffda. Schwan’s Home Service has chosen Uffda as the recipient of the Schwan’s Truckload Fundraising program.

The Truckload Sale will be held on Saturday, July 16 from noon until 6 p.m. at the Cando Cenex lot on Highway 281. But to benefit the Uffda Fund orders must be received by July 8.

Orders may be placed with Schwan’s either by contacting the driver or by completing the order form from one of the Uffda Fund volunteers and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Uffda Fund and their work to aid animals in our region. Make note of the campaign ID number 35497 printed in the upper left corner of the order form.

The order, made from a special Schwan’s catalog featuring most of its tasty items, can be paid for when you pick it up at the Truckload Sale on July 16 in Cando.

Checks can be made payable to “Schwan’s Home Service” and they accept cash, major credit cards and EBT.

Gift cards may also be purchased to support the Uffda Fund. They can be ordered on line at or by calling 888-724-9267 and will be mailed to the address of your choice.

Remember, gift cards must also be ordered before the deadline of July 8 to benefit the Uffda Fund.

The percentage of the sales from this venture will enable Uffda to help more animals as there appears to be a never-ending supply that needs help year-round, according to one Uffda board member.

Uffda Fund board members, themselves, have housed hundreds of pets over the last few years in their homes and garages, working with veterinarian Judy Gibbens and the many others who try to either adopt, foster or find forever homes for the animals that find their way into their care. At last count one household had three full-grown collies and a number of cats they have taken into their home because nobody else wanted them and they couldn’t bear to see them put to sleep.

On June 24 the Uffda Fund for Animals reported that “Bernie the Saint has found his forever home! Yes, the lovable big lug has moved to an ideal location where he can enjoy the company of two other St. Bernards and a loving family.”

The report added that they were hoping Duchess and Julie would also be as fortunate as Bernie, and the newcomer, too, - a young yellow lab found wandering in Devils Lake.

The organization utilizes - if you want to view any of the pets waiting adoption from the Uffda Fund go to and search for Cando, N.D.

They ask for anyone interested in fostering or adopting a cat or dog to call (701) 968-3431.