If you have damage, report it

Louise Oleson, Editor
Many homes themselves may be high and dry, but without access they may qualify for help Rick Anderson and the North Central Planning Council can get for them.

Rick Anderson from North Central Planning Council is a valuable resource for the Lake Region community and he is very concerned that residents who have suffered damage get the help they require.

Therefore he is in the process of collecting information on potential water problems to rural homes within the counties of Ramsey, Benson and Towner.

This information will be used to submit applications for funding in the acquisition of homes or residents with problems associated with water issues.

The items to be addressed are surface water, ground water, loss of access, loss of services and other problems associated with water.

There are several mitigation programs that can be used to address the problems. This gathering of information will allow North Central Planning and Anderson to match the individuals, residences and causes to the correct program.

Even if you think your damage may not be eligible, it is important that it get reported. What one program won’t cover, perhaps there is a program that will.

To obtain the two-page questionaire, contact North Central Planning Council at 701-662-8131 or stop by the office at 417 5th St. NE in Devils Lake - in the Armory Building.

Anderson says the information must be received prior to July 15, 2011, to be considered on the 2011 application.