Attendance at public meeting is vital to area farmers, residents

Louise Oleson, Editor
County Commissioner Joe Belford told the Devils Lake City Commission that it is vital that residents fill the LRSC public hearing on the classification of the Sheyenne River.

One of the things emphasized at Monday’s meeting of the City Commission was how very important it is that the people of Devils Lake attend the hearing scheduled for 2 p.m. at LRSC on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

The public hearing is for input on the  reclassification of the Sheyenne River, or a portion of it, to allow for larger outflows of water from Devils Lake through the state’s outlet.

Until the public hearings are completed, the reclassification cannot be done. Without the reclassification higher levels of Devils?Lake water cannot be put into the Sheyenne on a more permanent basis.

“It is important that we fill that room at the college,” County Commissioner Joe Belford said Monday night to the City Commission.

“Everyone should be there, especially the farmers who are in danger of losing more and more land if we don’t continue to work to get more water off this lake,” Belford added.

Once the State Water Commission completes the hearings, they will weigh everything they’ve heard and make a decision about the classification.

“A full show of support for our farmers, the people who live in Lakewood and around the lake, everyone who’s effected by the rising water is vital to this process,” Belford added.

The meeting in Devils Lake is the third and final public hearing on the issue. The first was held on Monday in Bismarck, the second will be held today, Tuesday Oct. 6 in Valley City.

Belford has attended all those meetings and said he has been met with mixed support.