Two new faces on Devils Lake school board

Mike Bellmore, Features Editor

A major upset marked Tuesday’s School Board election in Devils Lake.

Board President Ed Brown was voted out and newcomers Veronica Nicla and Lee Ann Johnston were voted in.

Halldorson was given a third term on the board after collecting 326 votes, and Nicla was close on his heels with 315.

Halldorson and Nicla will both serve three-year terms.

Brown finished  with 213 votes.

“I’m certainly happy to be voted back on,” Halldorson said early today. “Now we’ve got to fill Steve Boone’s spot yet.” (Boone resigned earlier this spring and is leaving town).

Nicla expressed similar pleasure with the election.

“I didn’t carry an expectations one way or the other, but yes, I’m very happy,” she said. “And I really look forward to carrying out my responsibilities.”

Johnston collected 247 votes for the one-year term, finishing ahead of Chris Schilken, who had 124 votes.

She, too, was happy with the vote.

“I?look forward to working with the group,” she stated. “I’m happy.”

Brown said he was pleased with the time he has spent on the board.

“It’s been a good 12 years,”?he said.

Marliss Platz had 49 votes in the race for one term on the board, and Greg Volk had 45.

Write-in votes were cast for Lee Christofferson, Jason Hanson, Marca Foughty, Sue Sinness and Denice Gage.

There were 481 votes cast in the election with polling sites at Central Middle School and Prairie View School.


Julie Skorheim and Rick Lee  were elected to three-year terms in the Adams-Edmore school board election on the Adams side, and Doug Freije  and Audrey Lorenz were given three-year terms on the Edmore side.