Geologist visits Leeds School

Staff reports
Mr. Swanson’s fifth graders from Leeds School are pictured with Geologist, Ryan Swanson of Penn State University. Left to right: Dani Schwanke, Rochelle Hansen, Arnikka Thompson, Alexandria Heck, Garrett Johnson and Ryan Wangler.

On December 21, Mr. Swanson’s fifth grade class welcomed a geologist to talk to the class about Earth Science.  The guest geologist was Swanson’s younger brother, Ryan, who is currently a Ph. D. candidate at Penn State University.  

Ryan previously studied at the University of Minnesota, where he majored in both Geophysics and Geology; graduating first in the class in Geophysics.  At Penn State, he is currently doing research in hydro-geology.

Ryan gave a presentation to the class on life experiences, what geologists do, what they study, what tools they use.  He showed examples of field work, lab work, communication between scientists, and showed pictures of hikes and scenery he has taken in while doing field work.

Ryan then showed the class different types of minerals, rocks, and gem stones he has collected while doing field work across the United States.