MN candidate says don't vote for me — I'm a felon

Associated Press

AUSTIN, Minn. (AP) — Austin City Council candidate Zeke Dahl has one message for voters: Don't vote for me.

Dahl says that because he's a convicted felon, he'll be ineligible when the term begins in January.

Dahl stole as much as $8,000 from his grandmother. He was convicted last year of check forgery.

His sentence is on a state of imposition, meaning he's on probation and was given five years to pay $7,100 restitution.

He tells the Austin Daily Herald he plans to pay it all by year's end, but he learned Friday it will take longer than January to get the offense reduced to a misdemeanor.

Dahl was one of four candidates to file for the seat. He says it's too late to get off the ballot.

The primary is Aug. 14.