It’s official, now, Devils Lake has a new Chief of Police

Louise Oleson, Editor
Devils Lake Mayor Fred Bott administered the oath of office to the city’s new Police Chief, Keith Schroeder at Monday’s regular meeting of the Devils Lake City Commission.

The highlight of the regular meeting of the Devils Lake City Commission was the swearing in of the city’s new Police Chief, Keith Schroeder.

It was the top item of the agenda for the meeting and following the administration of the oath, the new chief received a round of applause in welcome.

Schroeder comes to Devils Lake after serving the Grand Forks Police Department and says he is eagerly beginning this new chapter of his life.

Two public hearings to review requests for changes in zoning met with no opposition, therefore the city voted to go with the Planning and Zoning Commission’s recommendations and grant the requests.

Visitor Norman Janzen stood before the commission asking if something could be done about the alley behind his house. There are problems with drainage, pot holes and traffic speeds he is concerned about. The Mayor promised to have the city workers look into the situation and perhaps have the alley surveyed to see if and what needs to be done about the problems.

Janzen also expressed concern about barking dogs continually disturbing the neighborhood. The commissioners wondered if it was a problem of enforcing the city’s nuisance ordinances or what the problem really was.

Bott reported that he’d been contacted again by the company that wanted the ordinance changed so they could sell meat door to door in Devils Lake. He asked Terry Johnston if anyone  had contacted his office to ask the City to change or look at the present ordinance. Johnston reported he had received no calls about the issue.

John Nord talked with the commission about the motion made at the last meeting to use the City’s hangar at the airport for storage and no longer rent to Foss and Myer. He asked them to rescind that motion explaining that to do that might jeopardize the federal funding the airport gets from the FAA. He explained that because they were, in essence, evicting an aeronautic based company in favor of a non-aeronautic use for the property it would be something the FAA would oppose. In that light, the City voted to rescind the earlier motion and to explore other options for storing its equipment for the winter, although a 5,000 square foot portion of the hangar is available for the city to use for its storage.

A letter from the N.D. Department of Health advised the city against allowing the Shooting Sports organization to build on the former city landfill. A copy of the letter will be sent to the organization so they know what the concerns are.

Three change orders were approved for city construction projects; College Drive, 4th St. NE and 10th St. NE and two for the Water Treatment Plant.

The commission voted to repair the roof on the Devils Lake Senior Center, a project that is estimated to cost approximately $44,500. First they voted to declare the situation an emergency, allowing the repairs to go forward as quickly as possible.

The issue of the East-end outlet was tabled until the next City Commission meeting.

That meeting will be held on Monday, Oct. 19 at 5:30 p.m. in City Hall.