Jeff Tellman's Sports Advantage powered by EXOS Testimonial

Angie Laxdal

Name:  Jeff Tellmann

EXOS participant:  Over 2 years

About Jeff:  Owns the Red Pepper with his wife, Nicki. When not at the restaurant, he chases his kids around and takes them to their activities. He golfs in the summer and plays and watches hockey in the winter.

Prior to joining Sports Advantage, I would go to the gym on my own and work out on a variety of machines. I tried some at-home video programs, too. Most of my fitness came from activities " bike rides, golf and water sports in the summer, and playing hockey and snowboarding in the winter.  

Why did you choose Sports Advantage powered by EXOS for training?

The program was recommended to me by a friend "  Dr. Jeremy Gardner, who is an orthopedic surgeon at Altru. He urged me to try it out, but I was hesitant to get into a group-class setting. I finally caved and went one evening. After one session, I knew it was something I would enjoy long-term so I signed up on the spot.

What has your experience at EXOS been like overall?

I love it; it's a great workout environment. Like I mentioned, I never thought I'd like a group workout, but it's awesome to have familiar faces there every day. We have built our own fitness community. On top of that, I am in the best shape I've ever been.

What was your goal when you joined?

In a nutshell: to get into better shape. Before I joined, I was overweight. I was also starting to feel stiff and old. I always had a sore back or stiff joints. The more I did the workouts, the more I felt the benefits " my aches and pains were going away, and overall, I felt like I had more energy. You realize that building a strong foundation makes for a better quality of life, everyday things are easier and more enjoyable " from picking up laundry to skating with the kids at hockey practice.

What would you say is your greatest achievement thus far?

Last year I did the Mount Everest challenge on the Versa Climber, which is climbing 29,029 ft (the height of Everest) on the machine. I was able to complete it in 30 days, including two different sessions of 5,000 ft. Those sessions took about 45 mins each.  When I first started at Sports Advantage, I was out of breath on the Versa after one minute; to be on there for 45 minutes was a paradigm shifter for me.

I have changed my diet since I started working out at EXOS. My wife is a nutritionist so she helps me make adjustments. I've lost 35 pounds since this past spring and have kept it off. I still enjoy the Red Pepper, but I eat a few more taco salads these days.

Would you recommend Sports Advantage powered by EXOS to others?

I recommend the program all the time. Truthfully, I am often met with resistance. Some are intimidated, or some feel it's spendy. I feel it's worth every dime. This program has basically changed my life. I am a different guy today than I was two years ago. I was feeling over the hill, now I feel fit and like there's nothing I can't do.

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