Beth Ann's Sports Advantage powered by EXOS Testimonial

Angie Laxdal

Name:  Beth Ann Nord

EXOS participant since:  October 2017

More about Beth Ann:  Mom of three young kids, enjoys being active, has always liked working out.

I had a few friends who had been training there, so I heard of the program through them. I decided to give it a shot during the free open house week in September and really enjoyed it. It felt like the perfect fit for me, so I signed up.

What did you do for exercise before?

Prior to joining Sports Advantage, I worked out at a traditional gym. I focused mostly on strength as that is what I enjoy most. It was a good workout, but I didn't feel I was getting the most out of my time like I did when I tried EXOS.

What's different at Sports Advantage?

The EXOS methodology is a game changer. I've always been a regular at the gym, but this program was not only a great workout, it was also extremely fun. I genuinely look forward to going every day. You get a solid hour of exercise with appropriate warm-ups and a great combination of conditioning and strength. The team ensures you're working hard, but you're also being safe. I trust them, which is huge. I know they're not going to let me get hurt!

During my first year, I went two days a week. Just recently I signed up for the unlimited package. I wanted to be able to go whenever I wanted because I like it so much! I usually go to the 9 a.m. session, or sometimes I'll go at 5:30 p.m. if I have a conflict with one of my kids' schedules. I like the flexibility to be able to go when I want. I also enjoy having  Danielle, the performance dietitian, available for questions. I feel like I have a good knowledge of what to eat, but it's great to be able to ask her about specific things, for instance 'I'm going to make pasta " what's the best kind?' or 'which bread is the healthiest choice?' She's always willing to talk and answer questions. That's a great benefit to the program.

Why would you tell someone to sign up?

You'll get a balanced workout with knowledgeable trainers. Everyone who I've talked to thinks the same " it's fun, it's a great group. I've never left feeling like I didn't get a good workout. And, it challenges all of us in a different way – the trainers make sure that the workout is appropriate for each person. It feels like it's custom to your needs.

What would you say is the biggest benefit you've gotten out of your time at Sports Advantage?

I feel like the mental piece is the most important; it provides me with the longevity to stay active and keep up with three young kids. My workouts help me to de-stress and stay mentally balanced. It's my me time.

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