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North Dakota Game  and Fish biologist  Sandra Johnson writes  on North Dakota Grassland Birds  Grassland dependent birds, such as Baird's and grasshopper sparrows, Sprague's pipit and chestnut-collared longspurs, have declined more than other guilds of birds. One obvious reason is loss of grassland habitat, particularly native prairie in the breeding grounds

North Dakota Outdoors editor Ron Wilson wrote  Channeling Angler Efforts Toward Catfish

'The channel catfish fishery is truly unexploited, especially in the Missouri River System,' Power said. 'I make a point in public presentations to tell anglers that if North Dakota was located 500 miles south, most anglers would be tapping into this wonderful resource and likely spending much less time walleye fishing.'

Fisheries biologist Scott Gangl explains in depth the biology behind Eastblishing New Fishing Lakes in North Dakota

The first step in establishing a new lake is to ensure that the public has access. Wild fish are considered a public resource in North Dakota, and the Game and Fish Department will not stock a lake unless there's some public benefit from the stocking.