Follow Me


As a follow up to my previous post last month about social contacts and friendships I decided to write on something that has been bothering me for quite a while.   If you are not familiar with Facebook, it allows for people to become your “friend” and allows them, if you make your settings and posts visible to all, to read and comment.

They also have the option to follow your posts, which means they will then receive updates or access to your activity.   My thought is that if we have some people following   us we should take them somewhere significant.

Unfortunately,the kinds of activity or information posted on social media (the same thing happens on Twitter and other apps) does not offer anyone much of value except fodder for an online debate.   If you've read my posts on the internet in the past, you'll understand what I mean.

Photos of food, requests to reply with “amen” so that the person who posted the request will be blessed by God, and the scores of online quizzes all add up to the equivalent of junk mail.   No offense to those who post those kinds of items; I'm just calling it as I see it in terms of valuable sharing.

I'm not above sharing pictures of my cat,   my great-niece or my thoughts on current events, all of which may bore the heck out of some people.   I try to be choosy about what I share so as not to incite public debate or political rhetoric, but sometimes I fail.

I just think it's important for us to remember that we are literally inviting the world to read our thoughts when we engage in social media activity.   I'm always amazed at the types of things people post, knowing full well that employers or parents or children can see what's happening in the lives of these people.

Maybe we should count to ten or wait a day or compose our thoughts before we randomly share our views on the internet.   I suppose the same could be said for writing blogs!   Trust me, I do hold back sometimes because I tend to have a big mouth.

Here's hoping that whatever form of communication we are using, written or spoken or typed in binary code, we will use good etiquette and kind words and remember that we are friends with the people we share with but there are also others out there who don't know us but will form an opinion based on what they read.