What's the appeal of Trump?

Stephen W. Browne

I don't care for Donald Trump. I think he's a blustering blowhard whose loud mouth covers his screaming insecurity.

I haven't like him since I saw him diss his first wife Ivana in an interview.

He's had three beautiful wives, each of whom he likes to wear like an expensive watch rather than truly appreciate. And wife number two really played him for a sucker!

He inherited a sizeable fortune " and has increased it at a rate no greater than a conservative investment fund.

He started a scam 'real estate college' that promised to teach people to become rich like him, neglecting to tell them the requirement that your first inherit a fortune.

He's a builder, but what does he build? Housing? Ships? Factories?


And by the way, as a builder of casinos in New York and New Jersey, you don't think he's mobbed up?

He's petty, petulant, and vindictive. And he's leading the pack right now for the Republican nomination even though he's flipped on every issue important to conservatives.

I'm not even sure he started as a serious candidate. I think it's possible his good friends the Clintons put him up to running just to split the right-wing vote. And I think Trump had and epiphany.

'Hey! I could really win this thing!'

What the hell is his appeal?

I think it's the appeal of a demagogue in dangerous times. In my lifetime I've seen figures like Pat Buchanan and David Duke tap into it, but the most successful in recent American history was before my time, Governor Huey P. Long of Louisiana.

There come times in history when there are truths everyone knows, but few dare utter.

Like it or not, we are at war with radical Islam.

Like it or not, we are being overwhelmed by the illegal immigration beyond our present capacity to assimilate.

A skillful demagogue will speak the truths no other politician dares to, and win accolades for his courage.

And a people so desperate for a leader to say what they know to be true, what they know to be a clear and present danger, will cling to the hope he offers and not allow themselves to see that everything else he says is nonsense or lies of convenience and he has no character at all.