Am I Old Enough Yet?


Remember when you were a kid and someone older in your family would be having a conversation and you asked what they were talking about?   What was the standard reply?   “I'll tell you when you're older.”

I got to thinking the other day about all those things I wanted to know when I was a kid.   I wish I would have written them down at the time so that I could have presented my list at the age of 15 or 18 or 21 and gained all that information.   However, I realized as a parent that the whole thing is a sham, a way of putting your kids off without an answer.

I'm not proud; I did it myself a time or two, although my daughter was quite knowledgeable even as a child and even now knows more information than I ever will.   Did you ever wonder as a kid why you were not old enough at whatever age to handle the information you wanted?   Didn't the mystery of the unknown make the desire to know all that much greater?

So now that I'm past middle aged and my daughter is an adult I of course do not have to keep things from her any longer, but I wish I could remember what it was I wanted to know in my childhood.   I suppose I was curious about a particular word I didn't understand or something.

The great irony is that now I probably know what I wanted to know but it's not quite as exciting as I imagined, nor certainly not half as interesting. The things I want to know now are what I myself already know but have forgotten almost immediately as I thought I had retained them.

Finding items I have put away somewhere significant so that I could remember comes to mind, as do notes I wrote to myself which I can not seem to find.   Today I nearly tore my closet apart trying to find a mailbox key I thought has been in a pants pocket, until I remembered dropping something   between the console and seat of my car.   I took my telescoping magnet to the car and voilà, mailbox key.

The tendency to forget with age was certainly something I wish someone had told me when I was older so that I could have made multiple copies of everything!   What other days of childhood ignorance do we now wish to recapture since we can't remember anything anyway?