I watched the 'debate.'


I watched the candidates hoping to be the Republican choice to run for the job of POTUS. The Donald did what I expected of him: he was thin skinned and testy, and later whined that he had not been treated fairly! He did not like being questioned about nasty statements he had made about women, then said he meant Rosie O'Donnell when he said a 'fat pig,' 'a slob,' 'a dog,' and a 'disgusting animal.' (As if that made his crudeness OK). He has since made hostile comments about Megan Kelly who dared question The Donald!

My understanding is that Humility is a Virtue. Trump displayed no humility, shame, nor contrition when asked about his bankruptcies. He replied that he had simply 'Taken Advantage' of tax laws! He, like Mitt Romney, simply used the laws congress passed! Does not paying what you owe make you “smart”?

The Donald is not reluctant to boast 'I am rich, I am smart, everyone likes me.' He is quick to accuse others of being stupid. I wonder what he thinks of 1Timothy, 6:10 ,'The love of money is the root of all evil.'

I'll give him this"he does not boast about his good manners, although he says he 'loves' women. Is that why he has had three wives?

Now, I fully admit to being a peasant who admires hard work and honest people. I come from a long line of preachers, teachers, farmers, railroad men, millers and shop keepers—people who pay what they owe and would feel great shame at not paying their debts. In fact, purchasing luxuries would be shameful.

My grandmothers each had one 'good dress,' a hat, a purse, a pair of 'good shoes' which were kept polished to a shine. They also had two housedresses, which they kept tidy with aprons they sewed themselves on treadle Singers.

They washed clothes on Mondays in Maytag wringer washers and hung them outside on a clothesline to dry. Once brought in, they were sprinkled and rolled up, placed in a wicker basket until Tuesday when they were ironed—even the bib overalls and red or blue handkerchiefs. They scrubbed floors while on their knees, then waxed the linoleum to shine. They cooked from scratch using fruits and vegetables from the gardens and baked their own bread.

They never had a manicure (neither have I) and would be embarrassed to spend money on themselves for any luxury.

My grandfathers built the houses in which their children were raised, grew gardens, and did their own yard work. They also built many homes in Mandan/Bismarck. They knew how to build or fix almost anything. They wore bib overalls, and hats with sweat stained bands. They had calloused hands.  Their shoes were laced up high tops, scuffed by laboring at carpentry and masonry. They had them resoled and heeled to make them last.

'Family Values' were not discussed, but demonstrated by hard work, honesty, fidelity. They helped their neighbors and family members. Religious values were lived, not shouted nor preached, nor forced upon those with different beliefs.

While these candidates criticize 'regulations' on their businesses and seem to consider themselves smart to reduce or avoid taxes, they assume the right to regulate the lives of women.

The GOP wanna be's all seemed eager to force women bear children whether they are prepared to give birth or provide for the babies. Walker, Huckabee, and Rubio implied they would allow a woman to die rather than approve an abortion.

They say they are are 'Pro-Life' but one wonders whose life? This is a very personal topic as one young family member with diabetes died a few months into her pregnancy, and another died of eclampsia and left six children motherless. They were so poor that her husband made her grave marker of cement and pebbles and it is still on top of a North Dakota hill, testimony to love and do it yourself.

Oh, yes, these GOP candidates also want to eliminate 'The Affordable Health Care Act.'

What are their plans to provide health care to women with ectopic pregnancies, eclampsia, or to damaged fetuses? If the damaged fetus survives, it may need special education and/or care their entire lives at what cost?

I am left aghast at the short sightedness, intrusiveness, selfishness, and self-righteousness displayed during this so-called 'debate.'

I expect more wisdom, compassion, and integrity of a president of the United States than was shown at this 'debate.'