Donald Trump and theRepublican Debate


I am looking forward to August 6th. That is when Republican candidates selected by the FOX channel based on recent polls face off. What to expect? A serious discussion of issues or a clown car of put downs?

Which Republican candidate for POTUS seems incapable of uttering a sentence that does not contain the first person pronoun, 'I'?

Which Republican candidate repeatedly boasts 1) 'I am rich' 2) 'I am smart'?

Which Republican candidate says he will build a wall between the US and Mexico and make Mexico pay for it, even though the Rio Grande River is an international boundary that provides water for humans, cattle, wildlife, industry, and agriculture for over 1200 miles? Would the wall eliminate water for people/ crops/irrigation/ and industry?

Which Republican candidate had five deferrals during Nam, and declares John McCain is not a hero, even though McCain endured 5 and a half years of torture and refused to accept release when the Vietnamese learned his father was an admiral?

Which Republican has verbally insulted many the other candidates for the nomination?

Yup. Donald Trump is the one! And he is leading in the polls and will have the center position on the stage in the so-called debate.

Why is he leading the pack? Consider that in a recent gathering of his supporters in New Hampshire, participants said, 'He is one of us.' 'He is honest.' 'He tells it straight.' A multi-billionaire is one of us?

Who are the people who support Trump? Are they the same people who cheered wildly for Sarah Palin when she verbally attacked our elected president? When she could not name a book, magazine, or newspaper that she had read? When she subjected herself to a ceremony by Thomas Muthee to protect her from 'witches?' (video available on YouTube)

Some commentators are saying the people who supported Palin are the same low-education people who support Trump and they are 'angry.' Are these angry people the followers of Rush Limbaugh? Ann Coulter? O'Reilly? Huckabee? Howard Stern? The provocateurs on FOX who deliberately mislead viewers, criticize non-stop, but provide no solutions? Are they Tea Party 'Patriots'?

Many of Trump's supporters self-identify as 'evangelical Christians.' They confuse me as Evangelical Christian literally means to spread the good word about Jesus. In the Beatitudes (Matthew 5: 1-12) Jesus spoke of 'Blessed are the Meek, the Merciful, the Peacemakers. Not once does he praise those who amass worldly riches, criticize, or complain.

My husband calls this era 'The Age of Outrage.' In no way does Outrage, building walls against people, boasting about one's wealth and 'smarts' inspire.

On August 6th will a candidate with wisdom, and courage instead of bravado emerge?

I will be glued to the TV an August 6th, hoping to hear a candidate for POTUS who seeks peace and seeks to protect the weak and the earth. Riches and real estate eventually revert to dust.