A New Year

Ashley Weightman

So I know it's not 2014, but it's a new year for me. It was my birthday the other day. The 20th to be exact. It had me pondering the things I've done in the last year and made me want more out of this coming year.

Corbin will be four in December. Right now it seems like all of my friends are having babies or announcing that they're having babies. It's given me baby fever. However, I'm aware that at this weight, I am not healthy enough to have a child. If I were to get pregnant, I couldn't gain any weight and that is nearly impossible. I'm also tired of all of my joints hurting. My right knee and ankle are KILLING me. I know it's because I'm overweight and am putting to much pressure on my body. I also want to be able to go up a flight of stairs without feeling like dying.

So at this time next year, I'll be 50lbs lighter if not more. You can bet on it. Ever Monday from now on out will be weigh in days, starting next Monday, August 26, I'll let you know what I weigh every week and what I plan to change the next week if I gain wait and what I did right if I don't.

New Year, New Goals, New Me.