Devils Lake Basin says lakes begin to see decline as summer weather roles in

K. William Boyer
Devils Lake Journal

DEVILS LAKE- As the warmer weather continues to melt away the remnants of the blustery winter the city faced in 2021 and earlier this year.  Waterways in and around Devils Lake have begun to see a small dip in levels that has come as a relief to some individuals in the area, according to Jeff Firth, manager of the Devils Lake Basin Joint Water Resource Board.

water continues to culminate in areas of Devils Lake as the city continues to see water buildup dry from the heavy snowfall this winter.

DEVILS LAKE BASIN ELEVATIONS & FLOWS, JUNE 1 st, 2022 (Prior month in parentheses…5/01/2022)

DEVILS LAKE 1450.57’ msl (1448.82’)

STUMP LAKE 1450.51’ (1448.57’)


Morrison Lake near Webster 1460.57’ (1461.46)

Dry Lake near Penn 1451.07’ (1450.57’)

Big Coulee near Churchs Ferry 1450.77’ (1449.72’)

AREA COULEE FLOWS: Cubic Feet per second

Main Mauvais 238 (1,820)

Mauvais Trib #3 63.3 (413)

Edmore North 157 (1,070)

Edmore South 211 511)

Starkweather 290 (1,070)

Little Coulee 175 (207)

VARIOUS SHEYENNE RIVER FLOWS: Cubic Feet per second Above state outlet, near Flora, ND 296 (532) Below state outlet, near Bremen, ND 347 (638) Tolna Coulee (East Devils Lake Outlet) Ssn (Ssn) Near Cooperstown 764 (2,700) Below Bald Hill Dam 1,350 (4,460) Lisbon, ND 1,950 (5,410) West Fargo, ND Combined W/ Diversion 3,530 (4,220)

Last month, an average of the surrounding Lake Region areas saw a precipitation rate of over 4 inches with the lowest reported at 3.46 inches in webster. 

"I (6 miles NW of DL), picked up just a trace overnight so for a 24-hour period ." Firth said. "The rain can stop anytime now."

While the next two weeks predict sunny weather for the area with temperatures expected to be in the 70's. Heavy rainfall could continue to have a negative impact on farmers, who last year faced a drought problem in the area. 

Monthly Precipitation Reports: May 2022

4.15” 6 miles NW of Devils Lake

3.87” Adams – NDAWN

3.42” Baker – NDAWN

3.70” Cando – NDAWN

3.98” Clyde – NDAWN

5.14” Crary – NDAWN

4.18” Edmore – NDAWN

4.09” Michigan – NDAWN

5.48” Niles – NDAWN

5.69” Pekin – NDAWN

4.70” Perth – NDAWN

3.46” Webster – NDAWN

4.25” Wolford – NDAWN

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