Arrest made in local car theft/kidnapping incident in Devils Lake

K. William Boyer
Devils Lake Journal

DEVILS LAKE - Police within Devils Lake responded to the local Hardee's in Devils Lake after receiving a call about a stolen vehicle only to learn the matter was even more serious than they thought. 

Police said the vehicle was left unsecured and with its engine on in the parking lot of the restaurant while the owner had gone inside to retrieve missing items.  Inside the running car were two children. Police said a 32-year-old male from Columbus OH, later identified as Guled Farah, proceeded to steal the vehicle with the children still inside. 

The suspect was apprehended shortly after stealing the vehicle and police said the children were unharmed. 

"The children were alarmed, but remained unharmed during the incident," police said in a facebook post. 

Police are reminding all individuals to secure their vehicles upon leaving them. 

"Unlocked running vehicles are an easy target for thieves," police said. 

As the warmer weather has hit the area, law enforcement said foot traffic is picking up in the area and while police are increasing their patrols, they continue to ask for community assistance and report any suspicious activity immediately.

In securing your vehicle, Devils Lake Police say to secure all valuables within the car so potential risks of theft are reduced.