Q&A with Kathy Frelich, who is running for District 15 House Representative

K. William Boyer
Devils Lake Journal

DEVILS LAKE - Kathy Frelich is a farmer just northeast of Devils Lake. She attended school at Lake Region State College in 1987 and furthered her education at Valley City State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources with a concentration in Social Services. Now she wants to put her talents to use and become your next representative for the House for District 15. 

Frelich currently works at North Dakota School for the Deaf in the Adult Outreach Program. According to Frelich, she has worked in the human service field all her adult life.

Kathy Frelich is a farmer just northeast of Devils Lake. She attended school at Lake Region State College in 1987 and furthered her education at Valley City State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources with a concentration in Social Services.

"Prior to NDSD, I worked at Heartland Eventide for 17 years, eight as Director of Childcare, and nine as the Director of Social Services," she said. "During my early years in Devils Lake, I managed a residential home for Lake Region Corporation. I have met some wonderful people along the way, and I am convinced that North Dakota is the best place to live. I love small-town life and there is nothing better than raising kids in rural North Dakota."

Thinking on the past few years, Frelich said she have found the past few years challenging, but she remains optimistic for the future.

"My husband and I battled through the pandemic and the separation of family by turning to our faith," she said. "It has made all the difference. Now, I feel called to get involved on another level."

Frelich said she is a a conservative republican, and is Pro-life.  Her message to the community the community is that she will fight for freedom and believes whole-heartedly in the Constitution and the Republic.  She said she feels her unique career history puts her in a good position to see where  needs are, and where cuts can occur.

"I believe, if given the chance, I can serve the interests of District 15," she said. 

Why did you decide to run for the House of Representatives for District 15?

After much prayer and consideration, I reached my decision to run for District 15 House of Representatives. I truly enjoy my life, my time with my family and I enjoy my position with NDSD Adult Outreach Services. However, I’ve been feeling called to do something more, and I had to consider where my energy would best be spent. Ultimately, I am doing this for my grandchildren. They deserve a world that is so much better, and I want them to understand that fixing things requires getting involved in the solution. We have problems and sitting back, hoping someone else will fix them, isn’t a good or productive plan.

If I win in this election, my main goal will be to represent our District. I don’t have an agenda. I will be true to my own conservative values and the Republican platform including a commitment to life, limited government, quality education and the rights of free speech and to bear arms. However, most importantly, I want the people’s voice to be heard. The citizens of this District should feel involved in the legislative process, after all, the Constitution of North Dakota indicates this is their government. I plan to be transparent and accessible.

What changes do you see need to be made for this district in particular and how do you feel you specifically would be able to accomplish this?

I know our District is made up of hard working, caring people who want to protect their way of life, while creating a prosperous future for their children. We need to invest in our citizens and our community. I will be mindful of our tax dollars, and will make sure they are being used to benefit the citizens of our District and State. My vote will be for the people.

How will your experience working/living in the community prepare you for this potential role?

I have a long history of working in various human service fields in our region. I am confident that I have a good grasp of our District’s needs. In my current position at NDSD, I travel throughout District 15, and in talking to people, I realize we have common concerns about our families, our faith life, and our future. We have great community resources, and if we work together, great things can be accomplished.

Agriculture is another aspect of my life. My husband and I farm northeast of Devils Lake, and I understand the impact of agriculture within our District. It is the backbone of our District’s economy, but we also have so much potential for tourism and hospitality. We need to invest in our people, our communities, and potential opportunities for growth.

What is the main thing you would say you want voters to know before the election June 14?

Some might say I am too inexperienced to represent this District, but I am not new to challenges. It would be fair to say that prior to my career path, I had no experience opening and running a childcare center, being the Director of Social Services at our nursing home, or providing outreach services for those with hearing loss. But I believe that all those who knew/know me in these roles would say that I work hard to make sure I excel in each and every endeavor. This drive and perseverance will serve me well in office. I will not be satisfied until I’ve researched and learned all I can about each piece of legislation before me. I understand and embrace the gravity of the responsibility and I will serve with integrity.

If there was one word that describes you, what would that one word be?

Genuine. If you know me, then you know who I am. I don’t put on airs or try to be someone I am not. I am just a woman who tries to do her best every day, whether that is in my faith life, my work life, or in my personal relationships. I’m not perfect, and I will admit it, but I always strive to be better. I am diplomatic. Friends who disagree with my politics/beliefs, know that I can share opinions without sacrificing my point of view. My opinions do not change based on who I’m talking to.