Q&A with Judy Estenson, who is running for state Senate

K. William Boyer
Devils Lake Journal

DEVILS LAKE- Judy Estenson believes that all things have a time and a place and everything has its season. Estenson believes in change and growth, and she is hoping for your vote for the Senate seat this June. 

Etenson, who is currently running against incumbent Dave Oehlke, has worked for the  as a Registered Nurse, as well as partnering with her husband Hal in their home farming and ranch operation. 

Judy Estenson believes in change and growth and she is hoping for your vote for the Senate seat this June.

"We have been blessed to raise our five children in this great community," Estenson said. "We live twenty miles southeast of Devils Lake and have been here for 43 years."

Why did you decide to run for Senate?

Etenson: I decided to run for the Senate because I believe in Freedom.  My experiences in both agriculture and health care have shown me how an over burdensome government and regulations can harm our way of life.  More government means less freedom.  The last few years, I watched as the government became more tyrannical, and our current State Senator repeatedly failed to defend our individual freedoms.  I believe strength at the State level can protect us from federal overreach.

What will be your main goal you wish to accomplish if you were to win the election?

My main goal in the Senate would be to hold the line on government overreach and protect our individual liberties.  If we can do these two things, future generations will have the hope of living the American Dream.

What changes do you see need to made for the state of North Dakota and how do you feel you specifically would be able to accomplish this in the Senate?

We need to make sure that there are opportunities for business and people to desire to live in this state.  The climate won't draw them...that is for sure! If we do what we say and keep taxes low, government small, and protect their individual freedoms, I believe they will stay or come. 

How will your experience working/living in the community prepare you for this potential role?

I believe everything in life teaches us things that prepare us for the next things.  I've raised five children while farming/ranching and nursing.  That is  a lot of juggling and prioritizing. It's also budgeting. My children have often heard the question, "Is that a want or a need?" I'm pretty frugal and I promise to spend the states money in the same way. I understand that ND has the highest spending and the highest income per capita in the nation. I think that sounds pretty good for ND, but maybe we should be spending differently. Maybe private property taxes could be nonexistent in this state. That might draw a few more people to ND!

What is the main thing you would say you want voters to know before the election June 14?

I believe that government isn't the solution to every problem.  I believe in individual responsibility. How do individuals learn to be strong, self-sufficient individuals if their families or the government continue to solve their every problem? In nursing, we were taught to never do for the patient what they could do for themselves. I think this pertains to people in general.

If there was one word that describes you, what would that one word be?

Only one word to describe me is difficult. Faith. It is the most important.