Q&A with Steven Nelson, who is running for Ramsey County sheriff

K. William Boyer and John. B Crane
Devils Lake Daily Journal

DEVILS LAKE - You know him, and whether you love him or you don't, there's no introduction needed. Steven Nelson is the incumbent candidate running for Ramsey County sheriff, holding this position for 19 years.

Nelson was raised in Devils Lake, completing a BA in criminal justice.  He started his career with the ND highway patrol stationed in Devils Lake in 1989. He was appointed sheriff in 2003 and wishes to continue to serve the citizens of Ramsey County for at least the next four years.

Elections for this office will be on June 14.

County Sheriff candidate Steven Nelson.

Why did you decide to run for office?

I have been the sheriff for 19 years, and it has been my career, so I guess I enjoy serving the public and doing what I’m doing, and I want to continue.

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What will be your main goal you wish to accomplish as sheriff?

To continue to provide the best service and quality of service that we can to the citizens of Ramsey County with updating our department on training, our equipment, our response times and keeping our community safe.

What is your take on the current crime rate in Ramsey County, and what do you plan to do to combat it?

We have already started that. One of our major issues is illegal drugs, to which I started a task force several years ago in conjunction with the police department. We started with one officer. Now, we are up to three full-time officers in the task force, and possibly looking to expand that to help increase our effectiveness of trying to control the drug trade.

How will your experience working/living in the community prepare you for this potential role?

I have basically been a resident here for the last, well, most of my life, minus a few years in the college days, but…I think I know what’s going on, what we’re transitioning to and some of the issues that we are dealing with we need to address as much as we can.

What is your overall campaign message to voters?

We appreciate greatly their support. We have had fantastic support in this community and this area, and I just want you to know that we are doing our best to provide the best services that we can to our citizens.

If there was one word that describes you, what would that one word be?

I have no idea. That’s not an easy one to do.

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