Let's talk about Christy Remmick, a real unsung hero

Amy Heilman
Special to Devils Lake Daily Journal

DEVILS LAKE - This month’s Unsung Hero is Christy Remmick. Although her initial reaction to Devils Lake was uncertain during her first visit to the college campus as a senior in high school, life has come full circle and Christy has come to love the Devils Lake community.

Let's talk about Christy Remmick, a real unsung hero in Devils Lake.

As an active volleyball player in Selkirk, Manitoba, Christy was offered a scholarship to play at Lake Region State College. While playing volleyball, she met her future husband, Robert Remmick who was playing basketball at Lake Region State College at the same time. After Lake Region, Christy and Robert left Devils Lake to further their education and later, were married. Christy went on to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the University of North Dakota.

Ten years after leaving Devils Lake, they moved back. They now have three children and Robert is a local dentist. In the 10 years since they have been back, Christy has become very involved in the Devils Lake community, which is why she is our latest Unsung Hero.

Quite fittingly, Christy was a member of the Lake Region College Foundation board. During her time on the board Christy was involved with the scholarship selections as well as the Key Event. Planning and project management are things she enjoys so helping plan the Key Event was a great fit for her. “I met a lot of people through the board and it gave me a way to give back to the community and Lake Region State College.” Said Remmick.

In line with her passion for event planning, Christy has led the charge on many downtown events including the Downtown Shiverfest Kickoff party in 2021. “It was so fun to get everyone involved with an event that is for kids in our community. The city made a snow hill, we had an outdoor fire pit with s’mores, and a DJ playing music for kids to dance. It gave us a chance to highlight Bridgestone Park, our new downtown park.” stated Remmick. She said many hours of planning and preparing were involved but it was all worth it. “It was fun to see our young families just enjoying being outside and watching their kids play on a snow hill!” said Remmick. Another part of that event was a Pub and Retail Crawl. “We had 19 businesses involved which is outstanding!” stated Christy. “It seems when something fun is happening, everyone wants to get involved and be a part of it. That’s what makes downtown Devils Lake so unique!”

Last fall, Christy helped with the planning of the Downtown Alliance’s Fall Festival, in conjunction with the DLHS Homecoming Parade. “With families and kids already being downtown for the parade, it was a great opportunity for the Downtown Alliance to host the event.” stated Remmick. She knew getting kids involved and out in the community would help make it a successful event with the already planned Fall Festival activities. She contacted local youth groups and offered them a chance to set up games and activities as fundraising opportunities. All different types of youth groups participated– 4-H, Cub Scouts, DLHS Basketball, Youth Fastpitch, DLSH volleyball, Cal Ripken Baseball, High School Robotics, dance teams, and more. It was a complete success and the local youth groups were able to fundraise all while having a good time.

Christy served a five-year term on the Forward Devils Lake Executive board. During her tenure she served as President for one year. While serving, Co-Jack Snack pack was brought to Devils Lake, there was a large focus on child care, and the Workforce 2020 program was established and launched. She has enjoyed being a part of this board and finding solutions for the challenges that faced our community.

Recently Christy joined the Devils Lake Area Foundation Board for a five year term, the Area Foundation provides funding to local non-profit organizations to create a method of philanthropy and giving in the Devils Lake area.

When Christy isn’t busy with community organizations, you can find her in the gym working with youth volleyball players or on the softball field coaching girl’s fastpitch softball. “I enjoy volleyball and softball and giving our youth the opportunity to participate in a competitive environment. We have two young daughters and they like to play sports so it works out great for my family as well.” Coaching gives her the ability to influence the kids and show them how fun sports can be. “I am so thankful for volleyball. Without it, I never would’ve left the small town I grew up in and wouldn’t be here in Devils Lake.” Says Remmick. The program has caught on and now they attend tournaments and schools around Devils Lake call her to set up volleyball matches. “These matches really get the kids excited to play the sport and it also helps our junior high program and will eventually help our high school team.”

Girl’s Fastpitch is also a passion. She organized a 12U travel team in Devils Lake that also plays area towns and attends tournaments including the state tournament. Now she is expanding the organization to include 10U and 14U travel teams. It takes a lot of time effort to get these organizations started between players, coaching, schedules, and fundraising but Christy was up for the task! “It’s so fun to see the excitement of the girls when the program started. And now the best part is seeing the improvement in our athletes in the sport but also in their personal development in teamwork, leadership, and confidence.”

Christy says she always likes to be busy doing things, so it all fits into her lifestyle nicely. She’s done this much in the 10 years since she’s been here….it will be fun to see what she accomplishes in the next 10 years!

Thank you Christy for all you do to make the Lake Region a better place to live!