Say “thank you!” to our DLPS Administrators

Devils Lake Journal

 Dear Editor,

May 1st was National School Principal Day - a time to salute the work of our administrators and all that they do for our community. Administrators fulfill many roles, both big and small, in our schools and beyond. These educators set the academic tone for their schools by working collaboratively to foster a sense of support and appreciation that allows all students and staff to succeed.

They set high academic standards and utilize best practices and hard work to accomplish these goals. The administration also supports the local community, students, parents, and promotes a healthy environment as leaders and communicators. An administrator's role takes many shapes and forms and their dedicated work is vital to ensure the success of our students and community.

Our district, without a doubt, is better because we have them on OUR team! So, if you happen to see any of our school administrators, Kim Krogfoss, Dawn Johnson, Deb Follman, Jake Wateland, Dan Kaffar, Christa Brodina, Jason Wiberg, Ryan Hanson, Nick Kavli, Brad Larson, or Melissa Haahr, please join me in thanking them for their service to our school community!

They lead with passion, care deeply and make a difference, not just today but every single day. #gofirebirds

Matt Bakke, Superintendent, Devils Lake Public Schools