Devils Lake feeling employment crunch

K. William Boyer
Devils Lake Journal
Devils Lake Applebee's looks for dining room help.

DEVILS LAKE - Devils Lake is known for its community spirit and feeling of hometown pride, but even this small-town pride can feel the crunch of economic hardships. 

As drivers make their way throughout Devils Lake, they will see signs in almost every restaurant letting the public know that employment opportunities can be found at their establishment.  Some restaurants in town have said they have had to alter their operating times to accommodate for the staffing shortages.  

"We have had to go to just drive-thru only because we are so short-staffed right now, " a staff member at the local KFC said. "We can't get any help."   

The local Subway was also affected by the staffing shortages, which forced the sandwich shop to change its hours of operation and for a short time even was forced to close its drive-thru access and only allow walk-in service. At the post office, postal workers say that due to the crisis at the local office, carriers are currently covering multiple routes and clerks will even fill in when needed.  The postal services recently held a statewide job fair in an effort to fill positions in the area.  

Local McDonald's advertises for prospective employees on their highway signage.

Currently in the city the following places have reported positions open at their establishment: (Editor's Note: this list does not intend to list all available employment in devils lake and surrounding areas. This list represents positions reported to the journal at time of publication. If you have a position you would like to make know to the journal, please contact us at 701-662-2127 or email us at 

  • Restaurants including KFC, McDonalds, Subway, Mr. and Mrs. J's, Pizza Ranch, Hardees, Burger King, Marco's, Taco John's and Applebee's
  • Devils Lake Cars
  • City of Devils Lake 
  • Devils Lake Public Schools 
  • Devils Lake Post Office 
  • Lake Region Public Library 
  • Lake Region Law Enforcement 

Interested applicants should contact the businesses directly for more information.

In addition to staffing, businesses in the area also continue to feel economic hardships due to supply shortages and other factors. An example can be found at JS Wholesale, located on Railroad Avenue, which recently announced it intended to close its wholesale division due to economic struggles. 

JS vending posted a flyer for the closing sale after the economic crisis forced them out of business this April.

"It has been our pleasure to serve you for the past 16 years, and we appreciate all of the business you have sent our way."

Other entities in the area including farming retailers, car mechanics and furniture retailers have said they have orders backed up due to material shortages.

Despite these hardships, Devils Lake continues to show its pride and perseveres onward each day, preparing for events, festivals, seasonal weather and new opportunities to grow and thrive living with the motto "forward Devils Lake."