Restaurants in Devils Lake closed Thanksgiving; Kiwanis Club steps in for community

K. William Boyer
Devils Lake Journal

DEVILS LAKE - Thanksgiving is said to be a time to be thankful for what one has and to be shared with family, and restaurants in the Devils Lake area plan on taking part in that tradition this year.  

All the eat-in restaurants in the Devils Lake, from places like Mr. and Mrs. J's and Applebee's on Hwy 2 to the Main Street Café and Buffett House on 5th Ave, have confirmed with Devils Lake Journal they will be closed for the Thanksgiving Day holiday to allow their employees the opportunity to share the special day with their families. 

Fast food places including, McDonald's, Burger King, KFC and others also have said they will be closed on the day. 

For those who were planning on eating out this holiday, there is still one option open for you thanks to the community members of the Kiwanis Club, who will be putting on a dinner during the day from approximately 11am to 1pm at the K. C. Hall on 5th St. in Devils Lake. 

Members of the club will be providing desserts, side dishes and turkeys for the event as well as serving to the community.